The 1975


Continue forward

Don’t run back to what broke you 

-Frank Ocean

You are not lost

​True satisfaction comes in recognising and identifying opportunity in uncertainty, in sitting back and enjoying the ride. We learn so much from unforseen events, these experiences trust our emotional muscle and lead to questions

Why me ?

Is this all there is ?

What am I going to do?

Am I satisfied?

When you come across these questions that is your que to wake your inner child and reignite your curiosity! Curiosity was claimed to be the cause of the cats death but I believe that the satisfaction of knowing brought it back to life!

Refocus your vision and turn to introspection. Ask-

Where do I see myself in the next 5 years ? 10?

What will I leave behind when I am gone?

These questions give a sense of direction in becoming the person you want to be or perhaps you are that person as we speak but you would like to cultivate that image as best as you can. We are often deferred from our set goals because we are greedy, we want more than what we have and that is very ok. Just realign. 

What you do not realise or choose to ignore is that you judge your success through someone else’s destiny. You want what the next person has,  forgetting what is at the core of your heart because what person x has seems more admirable and attainable. They have it. There is a tangible where as you have a cloudy concept. 

How did you get to where you are because I seem to be stuck in a limbo?-

You are where you are because of circumstance or chance . It is part of your life’s blueprint or not but you can change that. 

-So what do I do from here?-

Use whatever that is in front of you and turn it into something whorthwhile. You are good at something. Put your work in the frontline, good things will come. In this world electronic world someone is bound to be interested or perhaps knows of another who will be interested.

-But that is too risky and goes against my ultimate plan-

To that refer to the opening paragraph.

Planning precedes performance. Planning prolongs your chances of success. You also can’t achieve anything without a plan. Take what you have learnt from unrelated experiences and put that information together, then you will have greater chances of connecting the most unusual dots that could change your world. The means are as important as the end.

Look at the bigger picture. Look at the tree where Apple’s come from. The tree had to grow before it could produce. It required assistance from different sources to grow. A meaningful life is not about the end result, it is about the journey travelled. 

Trust your inner longings and desires, your passion! That is where you should be headed. You will come across distractions, that is ok, remember why your started.

The peace that passes all understanding

Her extensions end in flares as she touches the walls with a force so strong, capable of lulling an infant. With arms glistening with the stares from the sun, how I long to be held in that embrace. She’s waving me closer. Such friendliness is alien to me. How many has she befriended? Have they too seen the beauty that I see? How many others have been told about the manner in which she kisses toes? I think she might have eaten a handful of butterflies once, they jump out of her belly every so often. What else has she swallowed? How far will wonder take me? Will fear be as light as the whale she carries on her shoulders? Could hugging her be as easy as breathing? Could doing be as easy as thinking? I’ve never imagined deeply that death by water could be painful.

The peace that passes all understanding resonates in the textures of the ocean. 

Since not so long ago…

Since not so long ago

I’ve been thirsty.

The thoughts of you rising with each sip

Sinking the accrued worry since not so long ago when I realised that I have doubts

Doubts of you not being enough love

Since not so long ago

I’ve been dry.

Dry of any emotion but wet with desire

Desire to be washed over by your affection only temporarily since not so long ago when I put my lips on this glass and it was cold and my temperature rose

Since not so long ago

I want to be with anyone I want to be with but before then you were my pokemon since not so long ago when you twisted the key the wrong direction. It broke.

Since not so long ago

I still think of you and consider this spare key I kept for an off chance that you’d lose yours but you didn’t. It broke.

Since not so long ago

I am enough

Enough to realise that a break is necessary, my heart isn’t flexible.

Since not so long ago

Our time will come but for now let me realign.